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Scientific results

Androferti’s benefits have been proven in reviewed clinical studies the improve seminal quality and sperm, improve fertility and reproduction

Improve all parameters seminal
Improve sperm quality
Increases pregnancy rates
Reduce DNA fragmentation
  • Effect of a treatment with vitamins, L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 on sperm head vacuolization and DNA fragmentation on in vitro fertilization patients
  • Effect of the administration of an antioxidant complex in patients with idiopathic astenoteratozoospermia
  • Effects of oral antioxidant treatment upon the dynamics of human sperm DNA fragmentation and subpopulations of sperm with highly degraded DNA
  • Evaluation of a antioxidant compound on seminal parameters of sperm concentration, mobility and morphology in patients with idiopatics oligoastenoteratozoospermia
  • Impact of an antioxidant complex supplementation on sperm DNA fragmentation in infertile men
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